If you know me well, you know I love a good pair of shoes. So once we found out we were having a girl, I began buying way too many shoes for a baby that can't even walk. (my husband asks me regularly why she needs shoes?) Well, his point became a leeeetle more valid once I got shoes on her. See, she was quite the kicker in my tummy…. and that hasn't stopped. So most shoes, she can kick RIGHT off and then they're flying across the car. She's quite talented in this department, actually. So when Lacey sent us these moccasins, I thought I may hug her. Shoes that my baby can't kick off? GENIUS. Not to mention, they're extremely well made and I love the little frill of lace on top. I wish I could upload the whole album of the first time I put them on her. I'm not kidding, she looked at her feet and played with them for a good 30 minutes trying to figure out how the heck they were staying on her feet. 30 minus of entertainment and cute shoes? Sign me up all. day. long.

So, Lacey is giving away a free pair of these moccasins to one of YOU! All you have to do is follow her on Instagram at @A_Hint_Of_Lace. Yes, really - that's it. Then go below and fill out the form to let us know you've done that and you're entered! The giveaway is open until Monday and we'll announce the winner on Tuesday!

Happy Valentine's Day, too!

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Melts. My. Heart. Y'all - these nearly 4 months of being a mama have been the best thing ever. Our little peanut is growing by the minute, and there are so many sweet memories I want to hold on to forever. Not even monumental things - I think I love the more mundane, every day moments even more.

I finally took some time to sit down and compile some video/pictures off of my phone into 1 big video our family can have as a keepsake, and watch as AB grows up…..and I think I could watch it 2930402 times and still get teary-eyed. (can I still claim pregnancy hormones? New mom hormones? Crazy lady? I know… knowww.) 

Thanks for following us on our little journey! 

So, we got the most incredible blanket from Max and Moose, and if I could give each and every one of you a baby gift right this minute - it would be this blanket. I won't keep ya long, here are my reasons why it's the best blanket, ever. 

Holy cannoli that baby featured above there… yeah, the real cute one with the bow? She's a swaddle ninja. I mean it doesn't matter how tight I pull those Aden & Anais swaddle blankets, the girl is getting those arms out. With this blanket, there's enough stretch that allows her to move her arms but not feel like she's in a baby straight jacket (even though she kind of is) which keeps her from ripping it off. All HAIL the stretch!

I really love neutrals for babies. If everyone didn't think Ann Brees was a boy when she's in neutrals without a headband, she would wear them a lot more. I also LOVE that this matches my living room. Yeah, I said it. That sounds silly until you have a baby, have no time to clean, and you have company. It's nice to be able to leave stuff strung out that kind of goes with the decor. Small perk? Yes, but with a hectic schedule, a clean(er) looking room really does wonders for a mama. (read: my house usually looks like a pink explosion just took place.) 

Y'all - this is the softest blanket. And what I really love is that it's not thick, which is key when you live in the south. It's thin enough for summer, but warm enough for winter, too. And that my friends, is hard to find. Oh, and you would think babies don't really know the difference between blankets but let me tell you something, they do. They're actually just really cute little divas in these teeny tiny bodies…. And if you want to make life easier, just get a soft one - k?

There's nothing harder than swaddling a baby when you have WAY too much fabric. I appreciate the generosity of all the extra fabric folks, but you're just making my life harder and my little ninja's task even easier. Now if Max and Moose would like to make a mama sized one, I'm ALL over that and would likely show up at Alyssa's doorstep with cookies, wine, vodka, spaghetti, ya know… the works.

Now, do yourself a favor and get anyone and everyone you know with a baby one of these blankets. You can even pretend the whole ideas was yours, I won't tell. Let me point you in the right direction >>> Max and Moose 

*We were gifted this blanket by Max and Moose. We only serve as brand reps for companies and products we honestly love and think are amazing. All opinions are my own. 

Shortly after we found out we were having a little girl, I was already thinking about getting to dress her. Given I only gave my mom a few years before I decided I had a better sense of fashion, I figured I should probably enjoy it while I can. (such as when I decided I would wear my jean cut-off shorts with my cowgirl boots to private school instead of my uniform….. in January… Needless to say, I'm pretty sure my mom just waited in the parking lot for the school to call.) A few of you have asked me for my favorite spot to snag baby clothes so I thought I would start sharing a few! First up, Urban Stone Apparel. Their tag line is "hip apparel for infants and kids" and it's dead on. 

I especially love all of their headbands, bows and hats for little girls. You'll quickly learn when you have a girl that if you don't have something on her head, people will quickly assume it's a boy. I've had a pink pacifier in Ann Brees's mouth WHILE she's wrapped in a white and pink blanket and heard "HE is precious!" Well, he's a girl… soooooo… There's that. (You can see AB in the hat above on Instagram)

It also doesn't hurt that the owner is super sweet, and she's out of Mississippi! She graciously sent Ann Brees a package of goodies when she was born, and we have been hooked on her shop ever since. 

So if you're a mama, auntie, or have a baby related to you in any way, go ahead and click on over and hold on to your wallet for dear life - www.urbanstoneapparel.com.

My goodness, how many times I've sat down to write this post and just can't find adequate words - and still can't. After 6 weeks, I've come to the conclusion there really is no way to fully articulate a miracle such as childbirth. It is an overwhelming gift from God, and if you don't believe in him before being pregnant and giving birth, I surely don't know how you don't after the fact. 

On August 20th at a bright 5:00am, we checked in to Woman's Hospital to be induced and meet our sweet baby girl. Twelve hours later, we headed into a c-section and 30 minutes later, our sweet baby girl was in her daddy's arms. I was then able to watch via a TV as he walked her out to meet all of our closest family members that were waiting outside. Whoever decided that women in surgery should get to watch their babies meet their family deserves something really really really special, and I would love to tightly hug whoever it is. That is one thing I was worried about if I ended up needing a c-section - missing out on those initial sweet, special moments. But luckily, I got to watch as Tyler walked ever so carefully to take our baby girl out into the waiting area, and then saw everyone crowd around, gushing over that teeny tiny baby girl that wouldn't take her eyes off her daddy. It's a picture I hope I never forget and will hold on to forever, and ever. Oh, and let me tell you something, people tell you that seeing your husband with your baby is so special… but that doesn't even capture it. Just when you didn't think you could not love that man any more, you will… and your heart will want to burst and you will wonder how in the world you got this lucky… Some days, I still can't believe I got this lucky…. or that this perfect baby is ours. All ours. 

To our family and friends - we cannot thank you enough for loving us, and our baby girl so well. Part of the reason we have been able to enjoy this phase of life to the fullest is because of YOU! 

To my husband, you… you are the best thing. I couldn't have made it without you, and I've never loved you more. Thank you for giving me the most perfect baby girl, for holding my hand through the entire day, and for the many prayers you prayed for us that day. Daddy sure does look good on you.  

To my sweet Ann Brees… I couldn't adore you more. Mama's heart has never been so full. From the little hairs on your head, to your tiny toes… you are perfection.  

1// Lamp 2// BassettBaby Ava Crib 3// Bench (no longer available) 4// Sheets (custom made by my mom) 5// Rocker 6// Print (custom) 7// Dresser (antique) 8// LOVE letters 

Now that we have a house to bring Ann Brees home to in Ridgeland, designing this sweet little love's nursery has been entirely too much fun! We've been so thankful to have the help of both of our moms and that has made things even more exciting… so to both of you - THANK YOU! At first, it was a little hard to pick a vision for what we wanted it to look like…. as in my poor mom walked the fabric store with me for an hour while I picked out legitimately 50 different color combinations before finding the perfect one… oh, and she sews! So she will be making all of our baby girl's linens in her room - which makes it even more sweet. This little one is already SO loved, and sometimes it just makes my heart want to burst! 

We didn't want super girly and bright pink, but more muted hues that would be peaceful and sweet. We also wanted to pick main pieces that could be used for a baby boy in the future with a little re-doing if needed.

Last week her crib arrived and everything is really coming together! Now, we just need this sweet little one to get here. COME ON AUGUST! 


We're moving, kiddos! And couldn't be more excited about it! We both said we'd never move back to the Jackson area (HAHAHAHA) and now we can't get back fast enough. It's funny how as you get older, your priorities change drastically. From being a girl that loved the hustle and city life of Manhattan, to loving our adventures in New Orleans, to now wanting nothing more than to be back in our sweet hometown area of Mississippi… it's crazy, but I LOVE it. How quickly you learn the importance of being near your friends and family. We already have our new home  picked out and will be moving July 1st so I can deliver sweet Ann Brees up there. She'll be delivered at the same hospital I was delivered in, and we absolutely adore our doctor and the entire neonatal team - which sure puts this mama's mind at ease… 

As many of you already know, we also launched an online marketing agency last year and my goodness, how gracious the community of Jackson has been! Shortly, we'll be moving into an office, hiring, and expanding our Jackson team! So, if you think our company may be a great fit for you, our website is above in the "Our Work" section - check it out. We're primarily looking for graphic designers, website designers/developers, and social media specialists but if you specialize in something related to online marketing, we'd love to chat! I likely won't post a lot about Raborn Media on here, as we prefer to keep our work very separate from this blog, but I did want to share what all is going on around here! 

So moving at 8 months pregnant? IM IN!……(and maybe a little crazy)  

If you haven't heard the news, we are having a baby GIRL! We really didn't do any big reveal or announcement. Husband and I just opened an envelope together after my 16 week sonogram (which was now nearly 2 months ago) and it was special and sweet for it to just be us two. Now we've had the joy of telling people as we see them and sometimes I smile so big my cheeks hurt. A BABY GIRL! I just can't believe it. What a sweet, sweet little blessing! 

As you probably guessed, we already have her name. Sweet Ann Brees Raborn! We knew we wanted a double name and Ann is on both sides of our family. As for Brees, I'm sure you know where that one comes from… if you know husband well, you know that one is not too shocking! ;) I actually may be more in love with it than he is. 

As for the pregnancy, it's going fantastic! I'm almost at the 6 month mark and this little one has been a little angel, and moves all. the. time. I LOVE IT. She kicks, squirms, hiccups and is just down right adorable. If you haven't been pregnant yet, let me tell you it is one of the coolest, most amazing things EVER. It is such an incredible miracle and something that I thank God for every. single. day. 

We're so ready for her to be here, and husband is already the cutest dad I've EVER seen... makes my heart just want to explode some days… Especially when he eats Asian food with me 10 days in a row because that's all this little peanut wants mama to eat these days. Or asks me why AB's dress comes with such a weird hat. Well, that's because those are bloomers…. So if you see him out with her and she has bloomers on her head, feel free to help a brother out, okay??

Next up, I'll be sharing this little love's nursery! Thanks for coming along on this journey as we become a family of THREE!

Margarita Mama

If you've followed the blog for a while, you know I'm all about celebrating weird holidays - especially when they involve food or drink…. And today, is National MARGARITA Day. But, as you know… pregnancy means no alcohol. Which really isn't THAT hard for me… except for these bad boys above. SO, I figured if I can't have one, at least someone out there can drink for this mama! TRUST ME, they're SO much better than just getting the pour and go stuff folks, just trust me. So get to mixing… call your girlfriends, and host a pre-game and have a ball. (can I still say "pre-game"  if I graduated a few years ago and am about to have a baby? Well, I just did…….) 

You'll thank me tomorrow… or maybe hate me. But either way, you're welcome!! 

Oh boy, does it! This journey wouldn't be NEARLY as fun if I wasn't sharing it with someone who is BEYOND excited to be a dad…. and let me tell you something, that made telling him even more fun. Luckily, I found out on December 17th, right before Christmas and right after finals so I was able to sneak it in as just a little happy for husband. Now on the not-so-lucky side of things, I was actually not going to see him for 2 more days from when I found out.  Oh yeahhhh, folks… I had to keep it a secret for TWO days. Y'all……. you just wait. It's the hardest secret you will EVER keep. He was in the middle of finals, which worked in my favor since I wasn't talking to him much, and wasn't tempted to just call and spill everything as fast as I could get it all out.  

So, let me back track a bit as to why I was out of town. When husband hits finals time, I usually head out of town so I don't stress him out worse with "quit drinking so much coffee! EATTTT!!! You need sleep! I think you need fresh air outside… ARE YOU OKAY?!?! Are you breathing?" So this trip, I was at my mom's house in St. Louis with no idea I was pregnant. But I sooooooon found out after nearly having to ask baby bro to pull his new ride over so I didn't toss my cooks in it….. Dainty, aren't I?? 

Perks of finding out you're pregnant at your mom's house? Direct access to all of my sentimental keepsakes I had as a little girl that she had kept- Goodnight Moon, my children's bible, and the door hanger from my first Christmas. As for the other things: for those of you that don't know husband well, anytime I ask him something sarcastically, he sarcastically responds with "It's because I'm awesome." So it's a fun running joke at the Raborn household and I'm pretty sure this onesie was made just for this occasion. The elephant is a card that unfolds like 100 times, which was perfect because I wrote ALL in that thing with my 5 year-old boy handwriting. And if you're not sure what the stick in the middle is….. bless you. 

So I packed up all of these goodies into a Christmas box and when we all FINALLY got back down to our house for Christmas, I told husband I had gotten him a little happy for finishing up finals. Of course he was a little confused as to why he couldn't just open it Christmas day… well you just can't… k? And then he felt terrible because he didn't get me anything. My thoughts: Well, although I feel like I just finished finals, I actually didn't therefore it's A-OKAY! (and realistically……. you DID indeed get me something. SO, just open the box, K!?) 

Cue extreme excitement, tears from an emotional momma, a hug that lasted 15 minutes, and lots of other cheesy goodness! But I'll spare ya ;)