Melts. My. Heart. Y'all - these nearly 4 months of being a mama have been the best thing ever. Our little peanut is growing by the minute, and there are so many sweet memories I want to hold on to forever. Not even monumental things - I think I love the more mundane, every day moments even more.

I finally took some time to sit down and compile some video/pictures off of my phone into 1 big video our family can have as a keepsake, and watch as AB grows up…..and I think I could watch it 2930402 times and still get teary-eyed. (can I still claim pregnancy hormones? New mom hormones? Crazy lady? I know… knowww.) 

Thanks for following us on our little journey! 

My goodness, how many times I've sat down to write this post and just can't find adequate words - and still can't. After 6 weeks, I've come to the conclusion there really is no way to fully articulate a miracle such as childbirth. It is an overwhelming gift from God, and if you don't believe in him before being pregnant and giving birth, I surely don't know how you don't after the fact. 

On August 20th at a bright 5:00am, we checked in to Woman's Hospital to be induced and meet our sweet baby girl. Twelve hours later, we headed into a c-section and 30 minutes later, our sweet baby girl was in her daddy's arms. I was then able to watch via a TV as he walked her out to meet all of our closest family members that were waiting outside. Whoever decided that women in surgery should get to watch their babies meet their family deserves something really really really special, and I would love to tightly hug whoever it is. That is one thing I was worried about if I ended up needing a c-section - missing out on those initial sweet, special moments. But luckily, I got to watch as Tyler walked ever so carefully to take our baby girl out into the waiting area, and then saw everyone crowd around, gushing over that teeny tiny baby girl that wouldn't take her eyes off her daddy. It's a picture I hope I never forget and will hold on to forever, and ever. Oh, and let me tell you something, people tell you that seeing your husband with your baby is so special… but that doesn't even capture it. Just when you didn't think you could not love that man any more, you will… and your heart will want to burst and you will wonder how in the world you got this lucky… Some days, I still can't believe I got this lucky…. or that this perfect baby is ours. All ours. 

To our family and friends - we cannot thank you enough for loving us, and our baby girl so well. Part of the reason we have been able to enjoy this phase of life to the fullest is because of YOU! 

To my husband, you… you are the best thing. I couldn't have made it without you, and I've never loved you more. Thank you for giving me the most perfect baby girl, for holding my hand through the entire day, and for the many prayers you prayed for us that day. Daddy sure does look good on you.  

To my sweet Ann Brees… I couldn't adore you more. Mama's heart has never been so full. From the little hairs on your head, to your tiny toes… you are perfection.  

If you haven't heard the news, we are having a baby GIRL! We really didn't do any big reveal or announcement. Husband and I just opened an envelope together after my 16 week sonogram (which was now nearly 2 months ago) and it was special and sweet for it to just be us two. Now we've had the joy of telling people as we see them and sometimes I smile so big my cheeks hurt. A BABY GIRL! I just can't believe it. What a sweet, sweet little blessing! 

As you probably guessed, we already have her name. Sweet Ann Brees Raborn! We knew we wanted a double name and Ann is on both sides of our family. As for Brees, I'm sure you know where that one comes from… if you know husband well, you know that one is not too shocking! ;) I actually may be more in love with it than he is. 

As for the pregnancy, it's going fantastic! I'm almost at the 6 month mark and this little one has been a little angel, and moves all. the. time. I LOVE IT. She kicks, squirms, hiccups and is just down right adorable. If you haven't been pregnant yet, let me tell you it is one of the coolest, most amazing things EVER. It is such an incredible miracle and something that I thank God for every. single. day. 

We're so ready for her to be here, and husband is already the cutest dad I've EVER seen... makes my heart just want to explode some days… Especially when he eats Asian food with me 10 days in a row because that's all this little peanut wants mama to eat these days. Or asks me why AB's dress comes with such a weird hat. Well, that's because those are bloomers…. So if you see him out with her and she has bloomers on her head, feel free to help a brother out, okay??

Next up, I'll be sharing this little love's nursery! Thanks for coming along on this journey as we become a family of THREE!

Margarita Mama

If you've followed the blog for a while, you know I'm all about celebrating weird holidays - especially when they involve food or drink…. And today, is National MARGARITA Day. But, as you know… pregnancy means no alcohol. Which really isn't THAT hard for me… except for these bad boys above. SO, I figured if I can't have one, at least someone out there can drink for this mama! TRUST ME, they're SO much better than just getting the pour and go stuff folks, just trust me. So get to mixing… call your girlfriends, and host a pre-game and have a ball. (can I still say "pre-game"  if I graduated a few years ago and am about to have a baby? Well, I just did…….) 

You'll thank me tomorrow… or maybe hate me. But either way, you're welcome!!