My goodness, how many times I've sat down to write this post and just can't find adequate words - and still can't. After 6 weeks, I've come to the conclusion there really is no way to fully articulate a miracle such as childbirth. It is an overwhelming gift from God, and if you don't believe in him before being pregnant and giving birth, I surely don't know how you don't after the fact. 

On August 20th at a bright 5:00am, we checked in to Woman's Hospital to be induced and meet our sweet baby girl. Twelve hours later, we headed into a c-section and 30 minutes later, our sweet baby girl was in her daddy's arms. I was then able to watch via a TV as he walked her out to meet all of our closest family members that were waiting outside. Whoever decided that women in surgery should get to watch their babies meet their family deserves something really really really special, and I would love to tightly hug whoever it is. That is one thing I was worried about if I ended up needing a c-section - missing out on those initial sweet, special moments. But luckily, I got to watch as Tyler walked ever so carefully to take our baby girl out into the waiting area, and then saw everyone crowd around, gushing over that teeny tiny baby girl that wouldn't take her eyes off her daddy. It's a picture I hope I never forget and will hold on to forever, and ever. Oh, and let me tell you something, people tell you that seeing your husband with your baby is so special… but that doesn't even capture it. Just when you didn't think you could not love that man any more, you will… and your heart will want to burst and you will wonder how in the world you got this lucky… Some days, I still can't believe I got this lucky…. or that this perfect baby is ours. All ours. 

To our family and friends - we cannot thank you enough for loving us, and our baby girl so well. Part of the reason we have been able to enjoy this phase of life to the fullest is because of YOU! 

To my husband, you… you are the best thing. I couldn't have made it without you, and I've never loved you more. Thank you for giving me the most perfect baby girl, for holding my hand through the entire day, and for the many prayers you prayed for us that day. Daddy sure does look good on you.  

To my sweet Ann Brees… I couldn't adore you more. Mama's heart has never been so full. From the little hairs on your head, to your tiny toes… you are perfection.  


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